Baby Welcomes and Namings


A time to pause and celebrate this new life among us; to commit to their love and care, and give them a blessing for their journey.


These days, many people don't want to have a church christening for their baby, but would still like to honour and celebrate the arrival of this new person, with their family and friends. 

It also feels right, at this time, to make promises, as we do at a wedding, and to ask our close community to support us in keeping those promises.

We have many hopes for the future of a baby, and a ceremony is one way to express those hopes, and perhaps to keep a written record of them, for the child to have when they are older.

You may want to use this occasion to officially give the child their name. On the other hand, you may just want to give them a blessing and have a celebration.  It may be soon after the birth, or maybe months or a year later. It's up to you.


These ceremonies are usually short and very happy, as well meaningful and rich.


I can plan the ceremony you want, and write the words, after talking with you about your hopes and feelings around your new child.






© 2009 Leatricia Lagie