Other Ceremonies


A ritual is a physical expression of something  leaving and something new emerging in our lives. It enables us to make meaning out of chaos, and to nuture hope and intention.

In the past, all societies had rituals, to help people through transforming and difficult moments in their lives. Unfortunately, our western society has discarded most of our traditional rituals, leaving us often without a way of shaping and announcing the meaning of what is happening to us, and where we will go from here.


Our lives are full of transformations, and it can feel very good to create a ritual or ceremony to share with others, be it with one or two or many . The acting out of a ritual affects our subconscious in a way that just thinking about things cannot do. It connects with our deepest, oldest mind, and sets us on a new path.


Some of the changes you might like to celebrate with a ceremony:


leaving childhood (13 )                      attaining adulthood (18 / 21)  

arriving at the age of wisdom (60)         dedicating a new home

graduating         farewelling            divorcing            retiring               scattering ashes                        burying a pet


              I would love to help you with any of these - or any others you would like to have.




© 2009 Leatricia Lagie