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                                      This is Your Day


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Your marriage is a very big event in your life, and you and your partner are different from every other couple, so the ceremony should reflect  who you are, and how you feel about this step you are taking. 

In Australia we recognize this, and allow freedom in the style and wording of your ceremony. There are just a few things that the celebrant must say and do, and a number of forms that must be correctly filled in and witnessed, but apart from these, you can say and do as you wish. You can write vows yourself, use readings and songs that you like, design a ritual, and suggest what you would like the celebrant to say. On the other hand, I can write the whole ceremony for you, or use a traditional civil or religious format. When we meet, I can show you examples of all these styles. Most likely, I will listen carefully to all your feelings about the wedding, make lots of notes, and then draft a ceremony for you to look at.

Australian law requires that you give your celebrant a completed  "Notice of Intention to Marry" form , one month before the ceremony, along with original birth certificates for both the bride and groom. If either of you has been married before, you must also give the celebrant the legal paperwork to  prove that you are widowed or divorced. 

The "Notice of Intention to Marry" form can be downloaded from the internet - but must be signed in the presence of the celebrant -or I will have a copy of it which we can fill in together.

I normally meet with a couple initially, and then once or twice more. I also like to have a rehearsal at the site, a couple of days before the wedding.


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